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Recent Work

Mercedes Benz S560

Maintenance Plan 
Starting with wheels because they tend to be the dirtiest part of the car. Ill first rinse them down with my pressure washer knocking off any loose dirt and brake dust.

Then I'll follow up with a foam cannon that has a non acidic wheel cleaner. I'll get the barrel of the wheel, then the face and finishing on the tire. Do that to all four wheels then move on to the car.

Giving it a healthy rinse, hitting everything including the wheel wells and door seals.

The most important part of any car cleaning is lubrication. Foaming with a PH neutral soap as to not destroy the protection. Contact wash starting top down working in small sections flipping the pad when necessary lifting off the dirt then dunk in the mitt in the rinse bucket to clean the mitt. rinse off, compressed air dry.

Interior vacuum and wipe down.

Finish off with tire dressing and adding protection.

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