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The Valley's Most Fastidious
Care Care Specialist


What I Do Best

Maintain & Protect Your Investment

Here at Cotta's Car Cleaning, perfection is the standard. Born out of an almost OCD like care for my own car, I wanted to share my passion with everyone.

After years of searching and thousands of dollars for the best chemicals, pressure washers, microfiber towels, etc. I've found what I was looking for and now I can past that quality on to you.

Weather it's your daily driver or a garage queen, every car is treated with the same tools, techniques, and most of all care.   

Ask me how I can help you protect your investment today!

C8 Corvette Z51 Stingray_edited.jpg


What the Customers Say


Schuyler I.

Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality

My car was a total mess after spilling multiple things on my seats. I was really upset at the condition my car was in because it is only 3 years old. I explained my areas of concern to Tristan and he was very polite and professional during the entire process. He answered all of my questions (I had about 100) and was very patient. I am a perfectionist and have VERY high expectations. I can truly say that he did an amazing job. He also was able to get me in with very little notice, which I really appreciated because I had to travel the next day and didn't want to do so with dog food all over the floor of my car. I am very happy with his service and will definitely use him again in the future!

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