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About me 1 at Cottas Car Cleaning
About Me 2 at Cottas Car Cleaning
About me 3 at Cottas Car Claening
About me 4 at Cottas Car Cleaning
About me 5 at Cottas Car Cleaning

For me working on cars has been a form of personal mental hygiene. It seems to always calm the mind and open the corny as that sounds.

As we return from the unknown and enter back into daily life, I want to put a plug in for our cars.

They enliven us, and warm our hearts, and bring beauty to our lives.

With the stress and strains we've all been experiencing - an afternoon washing a car, water splashed across the drive, is one of the most beneficial, adaptive and healing experiences I know of. I get a sense of riding high, above it all, it's often then, 

I get the comforting sense that all things are possible.


Caring for our cars, and driving our cars is such a social-cultural thing. There is a collective connection we have to our cars. It's so human and for those of us who love cars...we're all on a shared road. It is the point at which we mesh. So when your out and about check your mirror, it might be me.

Over the years of detailing my car I have discovered methods, tools, and products that are not only safe and efficient but also have fantastic results.

Honesty, Integrity and Quality are my philosophy.


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